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* Tailgating: Ultimate Guide to Traditions, Tips & Essentials

Tailgating has evolved from a simple pre-game gathering to an essential part of the sports and entertainment experience. Tracing the evolution of tailgating from its roots in American football to its current form as an essential part of the sports and entertainment experience, this blog post will explore various aspects such as top locations for tailgates, unique traditions at these events, and creative ideas for modern celebrations.

As you read on, discover some of the best places to tailgate across college campuses and professional sporting event hotspots. We'll also share unique traditions at tailgate events like BYU's quirky donkey ritual and themed party ideas for your next modern tailgate celebration.

Of course, no tailgate is complete without delicious food and comfortable accommodations. We've compiled a list of essential items for a successful tailgate party, including portable grills for mouth-watering meals on the go, coolers & beverage essentials, as well as seating options & team decorations.

In addition to these must-haves, we will introduce you to some of the coolest high-tech tools available that can elevate your drivers' tailgate atmosphere - advanced portable grills, innovative coolers with built-in features, and other unique gadgets are just a few examples.

Last but not least; let's talk about food! Learn our favorite classic BBQ staples along with creative spins on traditional game-day foods that cater to regional specialties from across the country. And finally yet importantly; ensuring a safe & responsible tailgate experience by encouraging responsible alcohol consumption while preventing aggressive driving & road accidents related to heavy vehicles during bull runs or larger vehicle gatherings is crucial – so make sure not to miss out on those tips!

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The History of Tailgating

Explore the origins of tailgating, dating back to the early days of American football games when fans would gather in parking lots before kickoff to socialize and share food. Over time, these gatherings have evolved into elaborate parties with unique themes and traditions that create a sense of community among fellow supporters.

Early Beginnings in American sports culture

In the late 19th century, horse-drawn carriages were used to arrive early at college football games in order to secure a good spot for viewing and picnicking before kick-off. They would then set up picnics on dry roads or grassy areas near the field. As automobiles became more common, tailgate enthusiasts began gathering in parking lots adjacent to stadiums, creating an environment where they could enjoy food and drink while anticipating the road ahead - both literally and metaphorically speaking.

Evolution from simple gatherings to themed events

In modern times, tailgate parties have grown beyond simple pre-game meals shared among friends. They now often include extravagant setups complete with tents, grills, and TVs broadcasting other games or races (for those who love heavy vehicles like NASCAR fans). Music systems blast tunes perfect for setting a festive atmosphere during bull run-like celebrations. Additionally, many attendees will don costumes representing their favorite team or theme as part of this lively tradition. This evolution has also led some groups like Tower Drive Tigerfanz who host events such as Luaus.

Tailgating has evolved drastically since its inception in the US sporting world, and modern themed gatherings demonstrate the devotion of supporters for their beloved teams. To further explore this unique tradition, let us now look at some of the distinct customs across America related to tailgate parties.

Unique Tailgate Traditions Across America

Fans all over the U.S.A come together to revel in their team spirit and form lasting memories through tailgating - a staple of American sports culture. Some dedicated groups have even developed their own unique tailgate traditions that add a special touch to these pre-game festivities. Let's explore some of these cool customs practiced by passionate supporters from coast to coast. Check out 20+ Tailgate Party Ideas to Step Up Your Tailgate on Game Day. 

Themed Tailgate Parties Hosted by Dedicated Groups

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Tower Drive Tigerfanz are known for hosting elaborate-themed tailgate parties before LSU football games. From Luaus and Oktoberfest celebrations to "Around the World" gatherings, this group goes all out in creating unforgettable experiences for fellow fans. Another example is the Bull Run Regional Park, where Virginia Tech Hokies enthusiasts gather annually for a massive cookout dubbed "The Gobblerfest."

Distinctive University-Specific Customs

Certain universities also boast their own unique game day traditions that contribute to a one-of-a-kind tailgating atmosphere. For instance, at Utah-Brigham Young University games, attendees participate in an unusual custom called "kissing Gus' ass", which involves smooching a donkey statue named Gus as part of a good luck ritual.

The parking lot scene at Penn State University features another distinctive tradition: the Nittanyville Drumline, a group of students who perform energetic drum routines to pump up the crowd before home games. And at the University of Mississippi, fans gather in their finest attire for an elegant tailgating experience known as "The Grove", complete with chandeliers and white tablecloths.

These unique traditions showcase the diverse ways that fans across America come together to celebrate their love for sports and create unforgettable memories through tailgating. Whether it's hosting themed parties or engaging in quirky customs, these dedicated groups truly embody the spirit of camaraderie and community found within modern tailgate culture.

Tailgating traditions across America are a unique way to show support for your favorite team and create lasting memories with friends. With the right equipment, you can make sure that your tailgate party is an unforgettable success.

Main Takeaway: 

Tailgating has become a significant part of American sports culture, with fans creating unique traditions to celebrate their favorite teams. From themed parties hosted by dedicated groups to distinctive university-specific customs, these passionate supporters showcase the spirit of camaraderie and community found within modern tailgate culture.

Essential Items for a Successful Tailgate Party

Tailgating is all about enjoying good company, delicious food, and celebrating your favorite team. It's crucial to come prepared with the necessary supplies for a successful tailgate party, so everyone can have an enjoyable and safe time. Here are some must-have items to bring along for an unforgettable tailgate experience:

Must-have cooking equipment and tools

  • Portable grill: A compact grill is perfect for whipping up burgers, hot dogs, or other game-day favorites.
  • Cooking utensils: Tongs, spatulas, and skewers will help you handle your grilled masterpieces with ease.
  • Cooler: Keep drinks cold and perishable foods fresh by packing them in a high-quality cooler filled with ice or ice packs.
  • Paper plates and disposable cutlery: Make cleanup simple by using disposable tableware that can be easily tossed after use.

Comfortable seating options

  • Folding chairs: Provide ample seating space for guests by bringing along comfortable folding chairs that can be set up quickly in the parking lot.
  • Canopy tent or shelter: Protect partygoers from sunburns or unexpected rain showers with a portable canopy tent or shelter that offers shade and coverage.

Team memorabilia displays

  • Flags and banners: Show off your team pride by hanging up flags or banners featuring your favorite team's logo and colors.
  • Face paint: Get into the spirit of the game by painting your face with your team's colors, or encourage fellow fans to join in on the fun.
  • Encourage guests to don their favorite team's gear, such as jerseys and hats, for a more unified tailgate experience.

Have items like garbage bags, serviettes, sunblock, and insect repellent ready for use to guarantee a fun-filled and secure experience at the tailgate. By coming prepared with all of these necessities, you'll ensure that everyone at your tailgate has an enjoyable time while staying safe throughout the festivities.

At Tailgater Supply, we understand the importance of having the right gear for a modern tailgate. Whether you're setting up in a parking lot or at a driver's tailgate, we have everything you need to make your tailgate party a success. From grills and coolers to chairs and tents, we've got you covered for any road ahead. Don't let road rage or heavy vehicles ruin your day - follow the two-second rule and drive safely to your next football game. And remember, always check the road conditions before you hit the road. With Tailgater Supply, you can enjoy your tailgate without worrying about a bull run.

Having the right supplies and apparatus is imperative for a successful pre-game celebration. Let's explore some of the top spots in the US to enjoy a tailgating event.

Main Takeaway: 

To have a successful tailgate party, it's important to come prepared with essential items such as a portable grill, cooking utensils, a cooler, folding chairs, a canopy tent or shelter, and team memorabilia displays. Additionally, having trash bags, napkins, sunscreen, and bug spray on hand can be helpful for the festivities. Tailgater Supply offers all the necessary gear for a modern tailgate to make your party enjoyable and safe.

Best Places to Tailgate in America

Uncover some of the best places across the United States where passionate sports enthusiasts engage in unforgettable pre-game celebrations filled with fun activities, delicious food, and an unparalleled sense of community. From college football hotspots to NFL fan favorites and NASCAR race tracks, these locations offer a truly memorable tailgating experience.

College Football Hotspots

  • LSU's Tiger Stadium (Baton Rouge, Louisiana): Known as "Death Valley," this iconic stadium boasts one of the most electric atmospheres for tailgating with its dedicated fans and mouth-watering Cajun cuisine.
  • The Grove at Ole Miss (Oxford, Mississippi): With its beautiful setting under oak trees draped in chandeliers, The Grove offers a unique blend of Southern charm and spirited game day festivities.
  • Camp Randall Stadium (Madison, Wisconsin): Home to the University of Wisconsin Badgers football team, this historic venue hosts lively tailgate parties complete with brats and beer on game days.

NFL Fan Favorites

  • Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, Missouri): The Kansas City Chiefs home field is famous for its parking lot filled with friendly fans and mouth-watering barbecue.
  • Lambeau Field (Green Bay, Wisconsin) offers an immersive tailgating experience for Packers fans with the Titletown Tailgate Zone featuring live music and entertainment.
  • New Era Field (Buffalo, New York): Buffalo Bills fans are known for their dedication and wild pre-game celebrations that often include jumping through tables - making this an unforgettable place to tailgate.

NASCAR Race Tracks

  • Daytona International Speedway (Daytona Beach, Florida): Known as the "World Center of Racing," Daytona hosts some of the most exciting tailgate parties during NASCAR events like the annual Daytona 500 race.

  • Talladega Superspeedway (Talladega, Alabama): This legendary track attracts die-hard racing enthusiasts who enjoy days-long festivities complete with camping, cookouts, and plenty of high-speed action on the road ahead.

When it comes to tailgating, it's important to keep safety in mind. Always follow the two-second rule when driving behind other vehicles, especially heavy or larger vehicles. Be aware of road conditions and adjust your driving accordingly. And remember, it's never worth risking an accident just to get to the game on time. So, don't be tempted to drive faster or engage in road rage - arrive at the game safely and ready to cheer on your team.

At Tailgater Supply, we offer everything you need to have a successful and enjoyable tailgating experience. From modern tailgate gear to driver's tailgate accessories, we've got you covered. So, whether you're gearing up for a football game or a bull run, be sure to check out our selection of tailgating essentials.

Tailgating is a cherished activity that brings people together to revel in their enthusiasm for sports. Now let's explore some delicious recipes for game day celebrations.

Main Takeaway: 

Discover the best places to tailgate in America, from college football hotspots like LSU's Tiger Stadium and The Grove at Ole Miss to NFL fan favorites such as Arrowhead Stadium and Lambeau Field. For NASCAR enthusiasts, Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway offer unforgettable pre-race celebrations. Remember to prioritize safety while driving to your tailgating destination.

Favorite Recipes for Game Day Celebrations

Dive into mouth-watering recipes perfect for any tailgating event that will keep your guests coming back for more during those exciting pre-game moments shared amongst friends or family members alike.

Savory Snacks: Ideal Sharing Appetizers

Start your tailgate off right with some delicious appetizers to share. Crowd favorites include Buffalo Chicken Dip, which combines the flavors of a classic football game snack, and Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, adding a spicy kick to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Don't forget about classics like chips and guacamole or pretzels paired with an irresistible beer cheese dip.

Tasty Main Dishes: Crowd Pleasers

No tailgate is complete without some hearty main dishes. One popular option is grilling up juicy burgers topped with all the fixings, from lettuce and tomato to grilled onions and mushrooms. For something different, try making pulled pork sandwiches by slow-cooking a pork shoulder in BBQ sauce until it's tender enough to shred easily - this dish pairs perfectly with coleslaw on top. If you're looking for lighter fare, consider whipping up some Shrimp Scampi Zucchini Noodles, which offer plenty of flavor without weighing down your guests before the big game.  Check out 34 of our favorite tailgate food ideas here.  

Delicious Desserts: Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

End your tailgate on a sweet note with some delectable desserts. Football-themed treats like Oreo Football Truffles or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Football Dip are sure to be a hit among fans of all ages. For something more traditional, try baking up a batch of chewy chocolate chip cookies or serving individual fruit cobblers topped with whipped cream - the perfect way to satisfy any sweet tooth.

No matter which recipes you choose for your tailgating event, remember that the key is variety and ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy as they gear up for the modern tailgate ahead.

With the right recipes, your game day celebration can be an unforgettable experience. To ensure a safe and enjoyable tailgating event for all, it's important to address road safety concerns, manage responsible alcohol consumption and foster a respectful environment.

Main Takeaway: 

Get ready for game day with these tailgating recipes that are sure to please any crowd. From savory snacks like Buffalo Chicken Dip and Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers to hearty main dishes such as juicy burgers and pulled pork sandwiches, and sweet treats like Oreo Football Truffles or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Football Dip - there's something for everyone at your next tailgate party. Remember the key is variety so all guests can enjoy themselves before the big game.

Ensuring a Safe and Enjoyable Tailgating Experience

However, it's essential to prioritize safety and create a respectful environment for everyone involved. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your tailgate party remains safe and enjoyable for all attendees.  Check out our 12 Do's and Dont of Tailgating here

Addressing Road Safety Concerns

Parking lots can be hectic places during tailgate events, especially when heavy vehicles are maneuvering around pedestrians or other cars. To avoid accidents or road rage incidents:

  • Maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you by following the two-second rule.
  • Avoid driving faster than necessary in parking lots - slow down.
  • Be extra cautious in dry road conditions as they may cause drivers to underestimate stopping distances.
  • Park larger vehicles away from high-traffic areas if possible.

Managing Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Tailgates often involve alcohol consumption which can lead to dangerous situations if not managed responsibly. To prevent any issues:

  • Encourage guests to designate sober drivers who will abstain from drinking at the event.
  • Serve standard drink sizes, so guests know their limits more easily.
  • Create non-alcoholic options available for those who choose not to drink or need a break from alcoholic beverages.
  • If someone appears intoxicated, offer them water and food to help them sober up.

Fostering a Respectful Environment

While friendly competition is part of the fun at tailgates, it's crucial to maintain respect for fellow fans. To create an inclusive atmosphere:

  • Encourage guests to wear their team colors or memorabilia but avoid aggressive behavior towards opposing fans.
  • Practice good tailgate etiquette, such as cleaning up after yourself and respecting others' space.
  • If tensions arise between rival supporters, try diffusing the situation with humor or redirecting the conversation towards shared interests like music or food.

By adhering to the guidance detailed in this piece, you can guarantee a fun and secure tailgating experience. Now let's move on to some of the coolest tools and gadgets for a successful tailgate.  Check out more tips for tailgating success here

Main Takeaway: 

To ensure a safe and enjoyable tailgating experience, it's important to address road safety concerns by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and driving slowly in parking lots. Managing responsible alcohol consumption is also crucial, including encouraging designated sober drivers and offering non-alcoholic options. Additionally, fostering a respectful environment means avoiding aggressive behavior toward opposing fans and practicing good tailgate etiquette such as cleaning up after oneself.

Coolest Tailgating Tools and Gadgets

Tailgating has evolved significantly, and now you can equip your pre-game experience with some of the most cutting-edge tools and gadgets. From innovative cooking appliances to high-tech entertainment options, these must-have items will help you create an unforgettable tailgate party.

Innovative Cooking Appliances and Gadgets

  • Portable grills: Compact yet powerful, portable grills are perfect for whipping up delicious burgers or hot dogs in any parking lot.
  • High-quality coolers: Keep your beverages ice-cold with durable coolers that can withstand heavy use during multiple football games or other outdoor events.
  • Tabletop propane grill: Save space while still enjoying the convenience of a full-sized grill by using this compact option designed for tabletop use.

High-Tech Entertainment Options

  • Portable TVs: Don't miss out on any action from other games happening simultaneously - bring along a portable TV so everyone can stay updated on the road ahead.
  • Bluetooth speakers: Pump up the volume and create a lively atmosphere with high-quality Bluetooth speakers that can easily connect to your phone or other devices.

Convenient Storage Solutions and Transport Essentials

  • Cargo carriers: Make sure you have enough space for all your tailgating gear by investing in a cargo carrier designed for larger vehicles like trucks or SUVs.
  • Storage bags and boxes: Keep everything organized and easy to find with storage solutions specifically designed for tailgate parties, ensuring that you're always prepared no matter what the road conditions may be.
  • Folding wagons: Easily transport heavy items such as coolers, chairs, and cooking equipment from your vehicle to your designated tailgate spot using these convenient folding wagons - perfect for avoiding any potential road rage.

Incorporating these innovative tools into your next tailgate party will not only make it more enjoyable but also help you stand out among fellow fans. So go ahead, upgrade your game day experience with some of these coolest gadgets available today.

Main Takeaway: 

Tailgating has evolved over the years and now features innovative cooking appliances, high-tech entertainment options, and convenient storage solutions. Portable grills, high-quality coolers, Bluetooth speakers, cargo carriers, storage bags, and boxes are some of the coolest tools that can make your pre-game experience even more enjoyable. Incorporating these gadgets into your next tailgate party will not only help you stand out among fellow fans but also upgrade your game-day experience.

FAQs in Relation to Tailgating

When is tailgating a problem?

Tailgating can be problematic due to excessive alcohol consumption, littering, and potential conflicts between fans. Additionally, it may contribute to traffic congestion and parking issues around event venues. However, responsible tailgating practices can mitigate these concerns.

What is the psychology behind tailgating?

The psychology of tailgating revolves around social bonding, camaraderie, and shared experiences among fans. It offers an opportunity for people to connect with others who share their passion for sports or events while enjoying food, drinks, games, and entertainment in a festive atmosphere.

What are the consequences of tailgating?

Potential consequences of irresponsible tailgating include public intoxication arrests, alcohol-related accidents, property damage from littering or vandalism, aggressive driving incidents, and negative impacts on local communities due to noise pollution or increased waste management costs.

What are the disadvantages of tailgating?

  • Inconvenience: Tailgate parties require significant time investment in planning and preparation.
  • Costs: Food and beverage expenses add up quickly when hosting large groups.
  • Cleanup: Post-event cleanup can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Safety risks: Potential hazards such as open flames pose safety risks if not managed properly.

Note: Tailgater Supply is a great source for all your tailgating needs, from modern tailgate gear to driver's tailgate essentials. Remember to always practice safe and responsible tailgating, keeping in mind the road ahead and avoiding road rage. Follow the two-second rule, and never drive faster than conditions allow. Be aware of heavy vehicles and larger vehicles, and always be prepared for any road conditions, just like a bull run at a football game.


In conclusion, tailgating is a beloved American pastime that has evolved and grown over the years. From its early beginnings in football to now being a staple at various sporting events, tailgating has become an integral part of the game day experience for many fans.

For the perfect tailgate party, there are numerous resources available to provide assistance and guidance. And with safety and responsibility always top-of-mind, it's important to remember to enjoy yourself while also being mindful of those around you.

If you're looking for high-quality tailgating supplies and accessories, be sure to check out Tailgater Supply. With everything from portable grills and coolers to team decorations and gadgets, they have everything you need to take your tailgate game to the next level!


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